This is a long overdue THANK YOU to the crafters for helping me to reach my goal of sending 50 feminine hygiene kits to Days For Girls last fall. This world-wide organization, in partnership with World Vision, sought to reach refugees in Lebanon, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Somalia with these kits. The initial goal of 33,000 DFG kits to meet the menstrual health needs of these women was not only reached but EXCEEDED! 46,221 kits are on their way to refugees and internally displaced women, 50 of which were prepared by our crafters.

The initial call for kits came last May and I thought "no big deal" and committed to 50 kits. 50 may not sound like a lot but it includes 100 shields, 50 bags, and 400 pads all of which had to meet specific criteria! To top it off I had inadvertently used a fabric on half of the bags that did not meet specifications and had to be redone ☹ As I was in WV for the summer, I contacted Roxann for help and they literally sewed and shipped the pads and bags to me in time to meet the deadline. I breathed a sigh of relief when I dropped the prepared 50 kits off at a church in Pittsburgh. Whew!

I'm so thankful for all the work they did and their commitment to helping women. Next time you hear of a "sit and sew" day at church, know that your crafters are working hard to help children and women around the world. If you can use a pair of scissors, draw a line, iron, or sew, you too can be a part of their work. God Bless you and thank you once again,

Janet Petro

2021 Outreach Team - Mission Leader: Juanita Cale