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The Salvation Army wants HUMC to know how much they appreciated our ding a lings to ring bells for the WHOLE season of their Kettle Drive! Because of our members weathering the cold, the hot, and the rain, we helped raise funds to be used all year to help our neighbors in need. It is because we volunteer, this saves The Salvation Army from having to PAY some to ring bells which cuts into their funds. On a personal note, Patsy Burgess wants to thank ALL those ding a lings that answered her calls for help in ringing! We worked as a team! IF you didn't volunteer this year you missed out on a true blessing (you really get more out of it than you put in, ask any who have rang). so please consider ringing in the future! Because of HUMC their will be many more smiles this Christmas Season! God Bless Everyone!

Remember our Compassion Child, Kimberly LopezGarcia, her birthday is January 7th. We will be collecting cards and gifts for Easter, Christmas, and her birthday during 2020. Outreach will have a collection box in back of the church for Kimberly's donation all year! Happy New Year!