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We have a new mother with 5 children that Priscilla is setting up with household items. Thankfully we only need one thing…..BIBLES! If you have more than one in your house (as so many of us do), please consider giving it to Priscilla as she gives one to each family she helps. She can be reached at 352-527-7031.

Thanks to all those who helped with the 2nd Annual Car Cruise-in! As you know, this event is NOT to make money but to show our good will and hospitality to the community. Over 60 cars participated on a beautiful warm sunny Saturday. We were even more grateful for the number of our congregation that stopped by to view
these gorgeous cars. People were flabbergasted that we weren’t asking for donations or tips or anything!

Our church was recognized during the Salvation Army's Appreciation Breakfast in March. We know that every bell ringer did this out of love for Jesus and not to receive a pat on the back. We know that when we serve the least of these, we serve our risen Lord. Your love showed with every smile, every Merry Christmas and even assisting some with their packages. It's so awesome to be part of this giving congregation….God Bless You All!