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We want to take this opportunity to once again thank those who helped with the February 24th Car CruiseIn. The goal was to do something for the community that was simply fun….no real agenda other than to open our doors and show our hospitality. Kudos to the kitchen crew, parking attendants. We had hoped to break even with lunch and thankfully made over $200.

CASA fully equipped a woman with 3 children this month thanks to all your donations! It is a monumental task to sort, organize and distribute the items that come in. Many thanks to Tommy Tinker, Judi Hester, and Cathy Hazzard for assisting Priscilla Arnold with this task.

CONNECTIONS is fully staffed and running smoothly!! Yahoo!!! In fact, we were approached by the director of this organization, Nikki Canary, with an interesting proposal. Many of us, unfortunately, have the perception that those we feed are just looking for a handout and she wants to change that. So she is starting a program that will enable them to pay it back by doing odd jobs for free. So here's what we need from you…..if you have a need for some work around your place, or know someone who does, give Janet Petro a call. She will pass the information along to Nikki who will have the appropriate person assigned to that task and handle travel arrangements.