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The Outreach/Witness Committee resumed meetings in September and approved two new projects: 1) to sponsor a "ABC of Dementia" workshop open to the public, but would qualify HUMC as "dementia friendly" facility. Details will become available when a date is confirmed in 2018. 2) the printing and distribution of invitational postcards to area newcomers welcoming them to worship with us at HUMC. The postcard will contain basic information about the church along with a picture of our beautiful stained glass window.

Our ongoing projects continue:

1) Birthday cards and gifts of money have been mailed to our Compassion child, Attalanta.

2)Connections luncheons have continued every Wednesday throughout the summer. The team for the occasional 5th Wednesday would appreciate a few more volunteers to cook a portion of the meal while some members are still away. Please contact Susan Bell at 513-3333.

3)The collection of household goods for women leaving the CASA program to establish their own homes has been very successful due to the kindness of our members. Priscilla Arnold would appreciate a volunteer to help sort the items which have been donated this summer as soon as the weather cools down. If you have any plastic totes available, please call her at 527-7031 as they are needed to store linens safely,

4)Citrus Blessings is again in operation providing backpacks of food for schoolchildren over the weekends. Elaine Williams has a full team, but encourages continued donations of individual food items . For questions, she may be reached at 860-2596.

Our next meeting will be on October 3rd at a new time, 1pm. We welcome new ideas or interest in serving our community and beyond.