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The youth Easter party that took place after church on Palm Sunday was a huge success!! Amazing how much work is involved in a 90-minute kid's party! Not surprising, along with our own committee members, so many of you jumped in to help and we want to especially thank Theresa and Craig Vokey, Dorie Klippel, Charlene Slanker, Tommy Tinker, Jason Sinclair, Bev Martin, Diane Thompson, and Carla Van Ness. Eggs were stuffed and hidden, crafts were made and distributed, baskets filled, pizza and ice cream eaten, and most important, children were shown the love of Christ through each one of you ... How priceless is that. CASA fully equipped a woman with 2 children this month thanks to all your donations. Keep them coming!!

CONNECTIONS is fully staffed and on auto-pilot! Praise God for all of you (about 35 to be exact) who take an hour of your week to cook and/or serve those less fortunate. Truly you are the hands and feet of Jesus and a blessing to all. Tina Shook will be the contact person from May-December so if you'd like to help or have questions, give her a call (772-708-3725).

CITRUS BLESSINGS is done for the year... so NO MORE donations of food will be needed until August. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your service and generosity. In case you were wondering... remember those FEMA boxes that were given to anyone who wanted them a while back? Well over 9,000 of them will be used to provide children with food over the summer. How great is our God!!

ATTALANTA (Commpassion International)
We will be collecting cards and gifts for Attalanta's birthday. Deadline will be Sunday, July 29th. Put all in Attalant's collection in the back table. Any questions contact Patsy Burgess.

Many thanks to the crafters who made 90 beautiful pillowcase dresses!! These will be sent to Haiti via our friends Aunel and Vicki Bellany, who Janet and John Petro accompanied on last year's medical mission. So nice to know that although we aren't going to Haiti, we still support those precious people via clothing and hygiene kits. Speaking of which... if you would like to continue sewing for either of these projects over the summer, let Janet know…she'd welcome the help! 352-601-0530