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The Witness/Outreach Committee has been busy with many projects which have been blessed by the support of our HUMC congregation. Christmas cards have been mailed to Attalanta, our Compassion child. The large Christmas card will be available to sign at the back of the church and all donations will be sent to Compassion this year. It is traditional at HUMC to exchange Christmas cards, but the large card provides an option to wish everyone a blessed Christmas with a gift of love to people in a third world country. Some of the possible projects are providing food for a baby and mother, medications for children, safe drinking water, or livestock for a family. We will announce our selected project after the holidays.

Our volunteer Ding-A- Lings will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army on Dec. 16-23rd. Please see Patsy Burgess to volunteer blessings is now providing backpacks for over 200 children a week, so we are very thankful for your continued donations. The Connections luncheons are going well, but we always welcome volunteers to help with this project.

The CASA project has been very successful providing household goods for women who are leaving the shelter. We have been able to help ten women and children with your donations and they are very appreciative of your loving support. We did not expect the donation of so much furniture, but it has been greatly appreciated by the women. Please call Priscilla as our shed space is very limited at this time.

We recently received a donation of Christmas collectibles and voted to sell them to raise money for HUMC youth ministry projects. We had great success at the recent Crafters sale. but still have lots of Santa's who would love to have you purchase them as a present or for yourself to support our youth at HUMC.

Please save the afternoon of January 18th from 2-4pm to attend a workshop "ABC od Dementia" at HUMC.