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Youth Events

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Greetings friends and family in the name of Jesus Christ.
We have had some great changes within our youth program. Our program has expanded with many new children. we are happy to report that we have also created the Hernando United Methodist Youth Choir and we will be performing every second Sunday of every month. The children will be taking a vote on the choir name and we are open to any suggestions.

In addition, we are so excited to report that we have purchased a multivariate bus. This bus will be used to pick up children for our Wednesday youth group and on Sundays for church services. Parents and family members may also ride with us on Sunday mornings. This bus will also be made available to other church organization such as the United Methodist men and women's groups. Interested groups who want to use the bus for transportation may contact me at 352-249-6968 or 352-746-7245.

If anyone knows of any children who would like to come to youth group and need a ride, please have them give us a call at 352–249–6968 and we will make arrangements.

In Him,
Alfred Gerogiannis, Youth Director

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