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What a great time to be a part of this church and particularly this committee!   

Compassion Sunday, held March 26th, moved 7 people to pick up packets for un-sponsored children. For a church this size that is phenomenal. Kudos to Patsy Burgess and Pastor Dave for coordinating this event.  Especially we thank the Holy Spirit for moving those individuals to step up and take action to help children. Speaking of kudos….you guys ROCK! A plea was sent from the pulpit regarding a need for help for the 5th Wednesday Connections lunch program last March and 10 of you responded. Wow! However, we  have future needs for volunteers to cook and/or serve for  Weeks 4 and 5 please contact Janet Petro if interested at 601-0530.   

The Witness/Outreach Committee has voted to form a partnership with CASA( Citrus County Abuse Shelter Assn.) by providing boxes of used, but clean household goods for their clients who are successfully completing their program and are ready to establish their own new homes. Last year CASA served 139 families and provided over 9,200 nights of shelter. Many of these families leave their former homes without any possessions and that is where our congregation can help to support this project. While you are spring cleaning, please consider donating any of the following: dishes, silverware, coffee pots, pots and pans, glasses, linens... sheets or towels or blankets, kitchen utensils, or anything you find that might help a family start a new home. If you wish to donate to the cause, you can make a check payable to HUMC with CASA in memo.   

If you can knit or crochet an afghan yarn is available from the Crafters group. We will be collecting items after church starting on April 23rd. Please contact Priscilla Arnold at  527-7031 with any questions.