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Join us every Wednesday morning at 8:30 for Breakfast at Joe's Restaurant in Hernando.
Also on the last Saturday of the month the United Methodist Men meeting is at 8:30 am at the church. Any questions or further information please call church office 352-726-7245.  Please keep this committee in your prayers as we faithfully serve!
United Methodist Men will not be meeting during the summer. We will resume September 3rd at 10:30 am.
Why is men's ministry important?
  • Men lead others best by modeling Jesus Christ in thoughts, words and deeds. Spiritual maturity is signified in spiritual reproduction, as the faith of mature disciples passes on in others.

  • Men growing in Christ become effective spiritual leaders in their homes and congregations, working as partners with their spouses and congregational leaders-both lay and clergy.

  • Spiritually growing men help congregations to become vital and alive.

  • Everything desired from and through men comes as a result of men growing spiritually and maturing as disciples: family blessings, stewardship, service, outreach, prayer, spiritual leadership, lifestyle evangelism, and faithful obedience. Men are foundational to the life and health of the church.

  • When a man lives daily in surrendered faith, God is honored and many lives are blessed. Transformed hearts are forged only within Christ-centered livesnothing less is our acceptable offering; nothing less  truly reveals Christ.

United Methodist Men Food Drive

United Methodist Men Food Drive  
Dear Hernando United Methodist Church, All of us at Citrus United Basket would like to thank you, and the members of the Hernando United Methodist men group for the wonderful work that you do. Your donations allowed us to provide 4,800 households, which is over 10,300 individuals with; 144,921 ponds of food for the year. When you think about it that is an amazing amount of food!   

We truly appreciate the support your church provide us throughout the year. It enables us to continue to assist the many families that look for us for help. Without the support of organizations such as yours we could not be able to do what we do! A heartfelt "thank you".
Sincerely, Kathy DeMoss.

April food donations delivered to the Family Resource Center in the amount of 97bs. Thank you for your continued support.