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Pastor's Note

Comments from Pastor, David Spaulding

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David Spaulding
Pastor David and Jeanne Spaulding
Each year I come up with a rhyming mantra to work with for the New Year. This is, of course, in addition to "Jesus is Lord" and "Doing LOTS for Jesus."

So, for 2019 it is: "Refresh your Routines in Twenty Nineteen (2019)! "

I find that it can be refreshing to get out of doing the same thing the same way all the time. I find that sometimes one can stuck in a certain place and moving to get unstuck can be very refreshing and life changing for the better actually. Changing habits and routines requires being intentional, able, willing, and focused on doing it different. Or better if you will? Too much fast change can be unsettling, I know. Consequently, the REFRESHING actions are considered. To refresh is related to verbs from the Thesaurus like to revive, enliven, invigorate, rejuvenate, energize, restore, recharge, revitalize. WOW! This makes refreshing my routines seem like a lot of fun and ex-citing!

In real life, Jeanne reminded me today that I still had my Christmas signature closing on my e-mail. It's al-ways hard to move beyond Christmas so sometimes I get stuck there. I have changed it though. Along with adding our new Logo of "Doing LOTS 4 Jesus" I added this:

And the One seated on the throne said: "I am making all things new!"

I am praying for the best year ever . . .

Making things new requires letting Jesus refresh us and allowing Jesus to make us new! So I challenge each of you to allow this to happen. "Refresh your routine in 2019!"

How you do this of course requires an effort to be self-aware and identify your routines and areas where you are stuck. Refreshing will require a desire and a willingness to be new. It is said that it takes 21 days of doing an action to form a habit. Therefore, refreshing that sticks may take some time. I as your Pastor can help you with that. Maybe you have some trusted friends or a small group who will help in the refreshing process. One way or another I think it has to start with oneself and allow Jesus to enter in so you can move forward together in a more refreshing way. Glad Jesus is always with us, eh!

What do you say? Will you give it a try? If you have success with this we can help others refresh by shar-ing positive experiences. Let me know if you want to do this.
A quick update on some highlights ahead:

Pastor Bible Study meets Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Current topic is "Seven Letters to the Seven Churches.

Sunday School meets at 8:45 with Pastor Bob for adult and we have Sunday School for Children also.

Check Calendar for a variety of activities and ministry opportunities through the month.

A New Member class will be held in February. Please see me to get registered.

Pray daily from 2:23 pm to 2:26 pm for General Conference scheduled for the end of February.

Ash Wednesday is March 6 and we will have a service that evening to begin the Lenten Season.

Easter is April 21.

Look forward to a great month and all of us Doing LOTS for Jesus as we Refresh our Routines in 2019!

Blessings, In Christian Love,
Pastor Dave