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Pastor's Note

Comments from Pastor, David Spaulding

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David Spaulding
Pastor David and Jeanne Spaulding

What is the most fulfilling experience you are having this summer?

I know that traveling, seeing family, doing special events, resting and chilling (when possible) are a lot of what we do in the summer. We often have many distractions from our normal routines.

These past few weeks we have been going through the Gospel of Luke. We focused on the need that we listen to Jesus so we do what our Lord wants us to do. We were encouraged to set priorities. We all have different gifts and talents with which God has blessed us to build the Kingdom, build up each other and serve. It is so important though, that we take time to listen and embrace Christ's teaching to apply in our lives. We need to focus on the main thing!

I was reading a blog from Vance Raines entitled "Spiritual Leadership." He has done many things in our conference. We attended Duke at the same time and I know he is deeply Spiritual individual. In his blog he talks about going to his new appointment and about the roles he is fulfilling and sharing with a pastor colleague. It's a thought provoking blog for pastors and leaders. Anyway, most of you are aware of a Pastor's vocation. It is multifaceted, has sometimes unrealistic expectations/ demands, and stressful. Of course this comes with joys which are spiritual, teaching, preaching, care giving, leadership, management role, etc.. Sometimes what a pastor does is appreciated and sometimes not. Pray for yourPastors and leaders. Vance concluded with these words which resonate with me:

"Really, my point isn't about me at all.

My point is this: Pastors, be spiritual leaders, above all else. Pastors, your job is to offer people the Jesus you know, love, and serve. No matter how burdensome the administration of your church might be, never forget your first love and your primary calling. Pastors, your job is Jesus."

Thank-you Vance for the words of wisdom and encouragement. So my calling is to "Bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them grow in that relationship!" This takes several forms and is manifested in unique and wonderful ways, thank-you Jesus! This is the bottom line for me.

Here at Hernando we have discerned a purpose and vision together. Many have embraced it. Some are still working on that (I pray). Doing LOTS for Jesus! Please ask yourselves: What will that look like for the Teams, Committees, and Ministries here? What will that look like for you?

Yes, Jesus is the main thing. Amen. We will continue forward doing what our Lord will have us do. Be open to the Holy Spirit's movement amongst us. There are great and wonderful ministries to come!!!

Pastor Dave