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Pastor's Note

Comments from Pastor, David Spaulding

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David Spaulding
Pastor David and Jeanne Spaulding
Greetings in this Season of Easter,

Returning to the Lord with all our hearts sure helped me experience a more powerful and meaningful Easter celebration! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen, Indeed! Now we continue in the Easter season hearing about people who saw Jesus alive; hearing about experiences people had with our living savior; receiving of teaching, comfort, encouragement, and guidance. Thank-you Jesus for all that you did and do for me! I pray that moving forward together we will all realize our Lord's presence in our lives and in our fellowship, seek the direction you have for us, and keep us on track keeping you the main thing. All the time "Doing LOTS for Jesus!"

We are going to be thinking much about serving God and our neighbors in the coming month and beyond. I am always thrilled to think about how much we actually do to serve and help people through or Mission projects. Many people step up and place serving others as a high priority. We will have a wonderful chance for everyone to be hands-on with our On-Mission-Together event. You will hear more about this and I pray all of us will get involved. There will be a mission project for everyone. We will represent Jesus with us and we ALL do something for others at the end of May. There will be something for everybody. This will range from sitting to do a project, to providing a worship experience in a care facility, visiting care facility-bound persons, visiting with people in the park and on the bike trail offering "Refreshment and Prayer," sorting and packing donations for the needy, and last but not east, Praying, Praying, Praying for our community, neighbors, and each other.

WOW! God is good all the time and we are going to be part of that goodness in an even bigger way than we already are! Sometimes we get stuck, if you will, in a place. Whether that be physical, emotional, spiritual, work related place. Jesus tells us to do things! Make disciples, raise up, teach, serve the least, love your neighbor, love God with your whole being! We do this together as Christ Followers to help build the Kingdom God.

Embrace who we are.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Dave